You ever get that hollow feeling..? Yes, five times over at the workshop today in fact!

The 2014 Iced Tea 335 PRO on the right is now en route to its new owner – Gibson BurstBucker #1 & #2 pickups in that one (finding 4-conductor versions of those was a challenge, but we got there!)

Another 2014 Iced Tea 335 PRO sits at the back left which is already reserved for a very good client who has previously bought a nice pair of UnsungHeroGuitars Les Pauls – that’ll be a fine addition to the collection.

The Casino in front of that has recently arrived as a ‘Custom Order’ for a client who has been longing for a really nice one – that will naturally get the full treatment, but has to be one of the nicest examples we’ve seen.

The Ebony Black 339 P90 PRO is earmarked for a ‘Gold-burst’ refinish project… that should look unbelievable once finished – keep an eye out for that.

Finally, second from the right is a TV Pelham Blue 339 PRO and this is the first one of it’s kind that we’ve ever seen anywhere – a pretty rare finish..?

Hollow or semi-hollow they may be – but when it comes to character and soul, they’re all far from empty!