Epiphone ES-339 P90 Pro (SOLD)


P90 Pro Pickups

Upgraded circuitry

Gotoh Bridge & conversion posts

Hard Case


Love the idea of a tasty semi-hollowbody guitar in a slightly smaller form..? As well as the style, do you need some P90 action in your line-up..? Then this could be a fantastic all-round solution for you!

It’s in excellent condition with no dings or scuffs anywhere. The P90s which have that single-coil bite and snap, yet supported by some extra grind and weight – a great combination! Roll back on the volume & tone controls and the tones are as sweet as a nut – wind on the gas and things get very lively!

As is the case with all guitars which get the UnsungHeroGuitars treatment, this has received a full work-though including levelled, re-crowned and polished frets, with upgraded toggle switch and control pots to raise the overall level of quality and feel across the instrument.

It’s also been given a Gotoh bridge and conversion posts as a nice upgrade to the stock item and adds the ‘Gibson look’ into the mix too. To top it all off, it comes with a Hard Case too!


* Natural finish

* Epiphone P90 PRO Soapbar Pickups
* Switchcraft pickup selector
 * CTS volume and tone pots
* Orange Drop 0.022 tone capacitors
* ’50s wiring configuration
* Stock ‘multicore’ cabling replaced with vintage braided cloth wire
* Gotoh Bridge & conversion posts for the ‘Gibson look’
* Reduced body size laminated Maple body with solid center block
* Mahogany neck
* Body & neck binding
* Rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays
* Nickel hardware
* Epiphone Deluxe Tuners
* Black & Silver Top Hat control knobs
* Hard Case

All guitars receive a comprehensive work over to address any issues. They get a full set up, a new set of good quality strings and come with a 30 day warranty.

Please note: whilst every effort is reasonably made to make this guitar as good, if not better than new, being pre-owned there may be some very light signs of use.

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