Epiphone Les Paul 1960s Tribute Plus (SOLD)


Vintage Sunburst

Gibson ’57 Classic Pickups

Gotoh Locking Tuners

Upgraded circuitry

Gotoh Bridge & conversion posts

Hard Case


If you’re lusting after a Les Paul Standard, really want Gibson spec as a minimum, but aren’t quite so keen on paying Gibson prices, then Epiphone nailed it with the 1960s Tribute Plus package!

Off the shelf, these come loaded with Gibson ’57 Classic pickups, locking Grover tuners, Switchcraft toggle, CTS pots and Mallory tone caps – they even include a nice Hard Case in the deal too.

However, this one is unlike any that you’ll pull off the shelf at a regular guitar shop. It’s in mint condition, but has had the full UnsungHeroGuitars treatment with a complete fretboard work-through to ensure that it plays perfectly all over the neck and even the flimsy hook up wire they use for the toggle has been replaced by braided cloth cable too – it’s been given the attention to detail which it deserves.

If you wanted to take the spec even further, you could have a Push / Push phase reverse option installed for £15, or perhaps a new Gotoh bridge with 4mm conversion posts (for the ‘Gibson look’) at £35 – or anything else which comes to mind! Have it your way – drop us an email for a chat.


* Vintage Sunburst finish
* Gibson ’57 Classic Pickups
* Switchcraft pickup selector
* CTS volume pots
* Push / Push tone controls to split the pickup coils
* Mallory 0.022 tone capacitors
* ’50s wiring configuration
* Stock ‘multicore’ cabling replaced with vintage braided cloth wire
* Mahogany body & neck
* Body and neck binding
* Rosewood fingerboard with trapezoid inlays
* Nickel hardware
* Locking Grover Tuners
* Gold Bell knobs with position pointers
* Epiphone Hard Case

All guitars receive a comprehensive work over to address any issues. They get a full set up, a new set of good quality strings and come with a 30 day warranty.

Please note: whilst every effort is reasonably made to make this guitar as good, if not better than new, being pre-owned there may be some very light signs of use.