We are pleased to announce the arrival of a number of guitars which are available to buy now.

They can either be brought in exactly the same condition in which they arrived with us, or alternatively, they can be prepared in the workshop for you with a complete work-through for an additional £125 which includes:

  • Fretboard clean and re-nourishment (where applicable)
  • Fret level / re-crown / polish as necessary to achieve optimal set up
  • Full body and hardware polish (excluding satin finish guitars!)
  • Comprehensive set up with new set of strings in the gauge of your choice (coated strings £6.50 extra)

That will produce a guitar which is as good as new (if not better than new in some cases!) and will serve you well for long time to come!

Here’s a list of what’s available:

  • Brian May
  • Gibson Custom Shop Memphis 335
  • Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Florentine
  • G+L Comanche (USA)
  • Knaggs Chena
  • Music Man Axis Super Sport Piezo
  • Music Man Axis
  • PRS 513
  • PRS McCarty 594
  • PRS Soapbar
  • PRS Tremonti (rare finish)
  • Vintage 12 string
  • Yamaha SG 3000
  • Yamaha SG 1600
  • Fender Bitsa-Caster (Mexican body, 60th Anniversary neck EMG David Gilmour 20 pickups, Fender Locking Tuners and Wilkinson Tremolo)

Check them out here.

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