The final day before the Christmas break at the UnsungHeroGuitars workshop was full of nice guitars and lots of technical chatter as usual, but this year was even more fun as my friend Chris Elphick dropped by!

He played 10 guitars, we talked about some of the work I’ve done on a couple of his and we also had mince pies… well of course, it is / was Christmas!

Here’s Part 1 featuring a Yamaha Pacifica 510v:

Here’s Part 2 of the series, we chat about – and hear – a Charvel San Dimas Pro Mod HS which belongs to Chris:

In Part 3, Chris plays a 1995 Gibson Les Paul Studio which has received a neck repair, full work-through and set up:

Here’s Part 4 of the ‘Chris Elphick visits the UnsungHeroGuitars workshop’ series.

In this 10 minute video, Chris gets up close and personal with an Epiphone Les Paul Custom which has received a full ‘vintage’ re-finish and complete work through:

In the 5th and final Part of the series, Clive and Chris have a ‘classic’ discussion on the content of Parts 3 & 4, then wrap up the visit!

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